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While I was writing “Green Barbarians,” I researched the legal hotwater that some people have gotten themselves into simply by line-drying their clothes. Many homeowners’ associations (HOA’s, ain’t that appropriate?) ban, among other things: suffering a dandelion to live; flying the American flag; installing curtains, siding, fences and doormats of unapproved color and style; and hanging out laundry of any color at all.

via Green Barbarians: Line Drying Clothes–Across the Great Divide.

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This morning, Walt and I were pondering the impressive longevity of the cloth diapers we bought a quarter century ago, when we were expecting our first child. We purchased 80 triple-fold cloth diapers, which were a rather large investment for us at the time. We used those diapers for 3 years and 3 months on our son, who was not at all interested in potty training until after the new baby came. After a couple of months of observation, Dmitri noted that “If Addie is a baby, I’m not a baby, and I don’t need diapers,” and that was that. At 20 months of age, Addie potty-trained herself with absolutely no help from me–she would go upstairs and wrestle her diaper off by herself, and then come back down, announce that she had peed in the potty, and that she had earned her gummy bear. She was right, she had. Read the rest of this entry »

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